Virtual Personal Trainer

Virtual Fitness Coach, La Crosse Wisconsin

Virtual personal trainer, James. Reporting for duty. I reside in La Crescent, MN, I provided my services to the local tri-state area. Majority of my weight loss coaching clients happen to reside in…

  • La Crosse, WI.
  • Onalaska, WI.
  • La Crescent, MN.
JKremmer Fitness is a virtual personal fitness coach.

Personal Trainer via Video Call

You’ll find that a substantial number of personal trainers in La Crosse, Wisconsin now offer their services via video call, making fitness training more convenient and flexible than ever. This novel approach empowers you to pursue your fitness journey without geographical restrictions or time constraints.

  • Flexibility: Schedule sessions according to our availability.
  • Place: Train anywhere with a stable internet connection — at home, park or while on travel.
  • Personalized approach: A virtual personal trainer offers customized workout plans and real-time feedback.
  • Individual attention: Your remote fitness trainer focuses is only on you during your session.
  • Tailored exercises: Adjustments are made based on your skill and progress level.

Embrace the freedom and flexibility that a personal trainer via video call offers. Get fit on your terms.

Try It Before You Buy It

Before investing in a virtual personal trainer, it’s a good idea to take advantage of trial sessions to ensure the service suits your needs. It’s about freedom, the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Trial sessions offer a sneak peek into my coaching style, direction, and the effectiveness of their workout routines. You’ll also get a first-hand experience of the online platform they use. Remember, it’s your journey towards a healthier you, and it should resonate with your comfort and convenience.


Schedule a Free Virtual Personal Workout and Consultation

Video Conference Platforms Used

In this day and age, virtual meeting apps are the norm. You’re already paying for an online trainer, but you’re not paying for a video conferencing app. My client’s virtual personal security is important. I only use secure online meeting platforms. When online training with a virtual personal trainer, it’s like answering a FaceTime conference call.

These are the free video conferencing apps that I use for online fitness coaching.

  • Google Meet (Gmail address needed)
  • WhatsApp (Personal phone number needed)

Virtual Fitness Trainer Pricing

I’m an inexpensive online personal trainer. Being a long time personal trainer in La Crosse, WI. EVERYONE has a budget. I also understand that personal training isn’t cheap–especially in today’s economy. That is the reason why I offer different virtual personal training prices. I do offer payment plans for all my online fitness coaching.

60-Minute Virtual Fitness Coaching

Virtual fitness coaching burn session
You will be moving the entire time.

45-Minute Virtual Sessions

Right Spot Virtual Sessions
45-minute virtual sessions tend to be the right amount of time (and more effective) to reaching a higher calorie burn.

30-Minute Personal Virtual Sessions

HIIT Personal Virtual Sessions
30-minute personal virtual sessions are an effective way to maximize your time and efforts.

  • Lifestyle Compass is a free service for all new clients. Everything is conducted live via a program of your choice (Google Meet or WhatsApp). The consultation form needs to be completed before moving into the Lifestyle Compass.
  • One free workout per year.
  • Payments are to be made before the start of any virtual personal training packages.
  • All payment transactions are conducted via PayPal and valid email address.
  • New clients will receive a JKremmer Fitness welcome package explaining workout expectations and cancellation policy.
  • Virtual personal trainer packages are to be used within 6-months of purchase.
  • All sales are final, no returns.