🍁 Canadian Protein Review: In-Depth & Honest

Canadian Protein Whey Isolate Review

I would have never thought I’d be doing a Canadian Protein whey isolate review. When thinking of Canada, I always think about…

🤔 Maple syrup.
🤔 Those cops on horse back.
🤔 Poutine. You know! A plate of fries served with gravy and cheese curds. (YUM)

Here are the reasons why I’m doing a Canadian Protein review.

  • Different types of protein
  • Great prices
  • An app to see the purity of your protein
  • Articles to identify protein spiking

You’re in for a treat today. You’ll be getting a two flavor review: Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream.

As a reviewer with credentials including NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Precision Nutrition Nutritionist, and CISSN certified by the ISSN, my aim is to provide you with an accurate and unbiased review.

Every product I review is tested personally. I don’t just rely on online research; I use these products in my daily routine. This hands-on experience ensures that my reviews are based on real, practical usage, not just specifications and claims.

The products I choose to review are selected based on reader requests, market relevance, and personal interest. I’m not sponsored by any of the brands featured, which allows me to provide impartial evaluations without any external influence.

I believe in transparency. It’s important to note that our posts may contain affiliate links. Rest assured that these links won’t cost you any extra, but if you choose to make a purchase through them, we may receive a commission.I am also not affiliated with any protein company.


If you’re looking for protein, Canadian Protein has it! Concentrate, isolate, blends, casein, grass-fed, hydrolyzed, and they even have a section of “We Made Too Much.”

I purchased their standard isolate. Within that isolate group, you have even MORE CHOICES. Premium, New Zealand Grass-Fed, and the “standard” isolate. What’s the difference between all three?

Premium: 97% Whey Protein Isolate, $37.

Grass-Fed: 95-97% Whey Protein Isolate. This is as organic as you can get for their protein, $37.

Standard: 90% Whey Protein Isolate, $19.

All 3 of the choices come in a standard choice of 1 kg bag (2.2 pounds). Bigger bags are available for purchase.

Canadian Protein’s pricing strategy is like MyProtein. Bulk order discount: the more you buy, the more you save!

Buy 2, 10% off
Buy 3, 15% off
Buy 5+, 20% off


Disclaimer, that volume discount doesn’t come with auto-shipping. So you can’t buy 6 bags, get the 20% off, then receive another 10% off for doing auto-ship. If you use Sezzle, 4-payments, interest free. Can’t go wrong with that! If you got the cash, full payment is always good too.

What did I pay for my two 1kg bags of protein? $75.72, plus $20.40 for S&H. Grand total of $96.12. 48.06 per bag… Now you see why Canadian protein offers a 4-payment, interest free. Let’s continue the math. How much per serving?

  • Premium bag has 33-⅓ servings, $48.06 per bag. $1.44 per serving.

Disclaimer! As stated before, I purchased their premium line of isolate, 97% grade isolate. Could I saved some money by going with the lower grade isolate–YES! I could have saved 40% by going with the standard grade.

  • Standard bag has 33-⅓ serving, (estimated price with S&H and Tax) $28.84, .86 per serving.

I did have to wait a week to get my order.

Value: 8.75. The premium is like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Isolate. S&H is part of admission when you’re buying Canadian Protein. “The more you buy, the more you save.” That $1.44 per serving can get below a $1 when you buy in bulk! I don’t like waiting a week for protein delivery. FYI, don’t forget to change to USD when on their website!

Is Canadian Protein Legit?

Canadian Protein is legit and provides an amino acid profile with all of their protein powders.

The Premium Whey Protein Isolate (and Standard Isolate) are not spiked. The amino acid profile table is easy to read. You can download the Canadian Protein app to see how the 3rd party tested your protein you purchased.

Yes. Each bag comes with a lot number. That printed lot number on each bag can be examined through the app at the time of birth.

You will get full transparency with Canadian Protein.

Canadian Protein Whey Isolate Review
Amino acid and Nutrition Facts with Canadian Protein.

How To Tell If Protein Is Amino Spiked

I have never seen a company be forward to inform consumers on how to identify products that are spiked.

In regard to these unbiased protein reviews, this is how I test if a protein is amino spiked.

  • Read the Nutrition Facts for recovery and proprietary blends
  • Look in the ingredient list for added aminos
  • Examine label and website for amino acid profile
  • Request amino acid profile from supplement company

Canadian Protein outlines their steps on how to ID if your protein powder has been amino spiked. Furthermore, have article explaining why companies amino spike and how to read ingredient list for amino spiking.

Protein Spiking: 10. Not spiked. Never seen a company be forward about informing consumers of spiked protein in the market. Providing the consumer an app to see how the 3rd party tested YOUR protein you purchased.


Canadian Protein isn’t thick like Canada’s maple syrup. Water, milk, juice, this thing can do it all!

Mixability: 10. No clumping in the bottle. When you use water, it’s a couple shakes, and she’s mixed. When you use milk (any), it’ll take a little longer. You’ll be happy with this product!

Canadian Protein Isolate Ingredient List

The ingredient profiles are similar for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies & Cream.

Minimal ingredients for the Premium Isolate. That is it. I love this.

IngredientDescription and Purpose
Whey Protein IsolateA high-quality, highly purified protein source with minimal fats and carbohydrates. Used primarily for its high protein content and fast absorption rate, ideal for muscle repair and growth.
Peanut Flour (Peanut)Adds flavor, particularly in peanut-related variants. Also contributes additional protein and a rich, nutty taste.
Cocoa PowderProvides chocolate flavor in chocolate-flavored variants. Rich in antioxidants and contributes to the overall taste profile.
SaltEnhances flavor, balances sweetness, and can improve the solubility of other ingredients.
Xanthan GumA thickening and stabilizing agent. It helps maintain the texture and consistency of the protein powder when mixed with liquids.
SucraloseA zero-calorie artificial sweetener. Used to sweeten the product without adding calories or impacting blood sugar levels significantly.
Sunflower LecithinActs as an emulsifier, improving mixability and preventing ingredients from separating. It ensures a smooth, consistent mixture when the protein powder is blended with liquids. Sunflower lecithin is often preferred over soy lecithin for those who avoid soy products due to allergies or dietary preferences.
Ingredient list with Canadian Protein is minimal.

What about protein quality? The more you pay, the more filted of protein you get. Premium isolate is 97% grade protein, very low lactose. The grass-fed is around 95-97%. The standard is at least 90%.

Ingredient Profile: 10. The sucralose zealots will come running out yelling as always. It’s a trace amount. The Flavor Score will showcase the problem with this product.

Canadian Protein Isolate Nutrition Facts

Canadian Protein Isolate Nutrition Facts
Every package of Canadian Protein has a stamped amino acid profile.

1 Scoop, 30g

  • Calories: 122
  • Fat 0
  • Carbs <.5g
  • Sugar 0
  • Protein 29g
  • Sodium 0

You, me, US… This is a great freaking protein! A 30g serving has 29g of protein… Think about that! 97% of 1 serving of Canadian Protein is 97% protein. It states that on the ingredient list, 97% protein.

Macro Composition: 10. You know for a FACT that .5 gram is carbs. The other half of the weight of this protein is thickening agent. It’s a fact, 97% of this protein powder is PROTEIN. It’s on the ingredient list. Prove it with the math: 29g of protein/30g serving weight!

Canadian Protein Flavour Review

When you get the opportunity to get a highly filtered protein with very to little to no lactose, the flavour is going to take a hit.

Cookies and Cream
You show a picture of OREOS. You’re thinking, “I’m in for a treat! Cookie bits” Nope! The cookies and cream flavor is the cream part of the cookie. No cookie bits, no cookie flavor. Full on flavor of a dollar store cookie cream flavor in your mouth. Yea, I wrote that!

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Canadian Protein shows a picture of a generic peanut buttercup. “Oh boy I love peanut butter cups!” Yea… You can taste the chocolate. Where is the peanut butter?!

Folks, I know. Expectations of having cookie bits is going to change the macro composition.

Canadian Protein Flavours

Canadian Protein challenges Optimum Nutrition in the amount of flavours available. Coming in at a whopping 17 flavours, you have many choices.

As I shared before, you may be disappointed with the flavour profile.

  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Vanilla
  • Banana Cream Pie
  • Birthday Cake
  • Canadian Maple
  • Cappuccino
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Chocolate Hazlenut
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cinnabun
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Salted Caramel
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Unflavoured & Unsweetened
  • Natural Chocolate Milkshake (Stevia)
  • Natural Vanilla (Stevia)

Flavor: 6.75. Not horrible. Not bad. Just misleading. When you see a picture of a perceived flavor profile. You’re left wanting more.

Is Canadian Protein Good?

Canadian Protien is good. It’s a damn good protein! If you don’t want to pay the premium price, their standard isolate is a fantastic alternative.

This is what Canadian Protein has to offer for ALL of their products!

🍁 An app to see how a neutral 3rd party tested my protein powder.
🍁 Information and education on how to spot spiked protein.
🍁 Clearly labeled protein grades.
🍁 Finally, a small ingredient profile for all to smile about.

But t’s not all sunshine and rainbows for this protein.

S&H is pricey when compared to American brands. It took a week for my delivery.

You’re left wanting more in the flavor department.

When I see Cookies and Cream and all I taste is cream. Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor is light. The flavors are not bad, they are serviceable. Yet, a picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t taste what I’m seeing!

Hands down, Canadian Protein is an easy recommendation for the quality and transparency you will be receiving.

Canadian Protein Final Review Score

Value 8.75 out of 10
Protein 10 Spiking out of 10 (not spiked)
Mixability 10 out of 10
Ingredient Profile 10 out of 10
Macro Composition 10 out of 10
Flavor 6.75 out of 10

Overall Score 55.5/60, 93% A


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