Is Pure Protein a Good Protein Powder? Uncover the Truth!

Is Pure Protein A Good Protein Powder?

If you’ve been searching for affordable protein powders, you’ve likely come across Pure Protein. With a price tag that won’t break the bank, you might ask yourself, “Is Pure Protein a good protein powder?”

Rest assured, Pure Protein could be a good protein powder. Click the link for a comprehensive, unbiased Pure Protein Powder review. In that review, I delve into what Pure Protein offers and what it doesn’t disclose to the consumer. 

Overall, it’s challenging to recommend Pure Protein for individuals who want to recover from exercise and build muscle. If your goal is to increase daily protein, stay full, and lose weight, Pure Protein may be a suitable protein powder. 

In this article, I’ll discuss who owns Pure Protein, why it is a good protein powder for weight loss and other important information that the company doesn’t share with potential buyers. 

Let’s answer the question: is Pure Protein a good protein powder? In terms of taste and texture, Pure Protein has a smooth consistency and a mild, pleasant flavor. This makes it easy to incorporate into your diet without feeling like you’re consuming a supplement.

I have reservations about Pure Protein Powder’s quality. Let’s examine why it may not be suitable for most gym-goers. 

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What Company Owns Pure Protein?

An article titled “How Pure Protein is Rebranding Under Ex-Ab Inbev Marketer Azania Andrews” was released in June 2023. The article highlights how Pure Protein rebranded its marketing strategy as an “active lifestyle brand.” 

According to reliable sources, Pure Protein is owned by 1440 Foods. This company also owns other well-known sports and active lifestyle brands such as Body Fortress, Met-Rx, and Balance.

The article explains that the reason for the advertising shift is that the CEO, Azania Andrews, wants Pure Protein to be recognized as a brand that understands the struggles and disappointment of not making it to the gym, making poor food choices, and not meeting your monthly weight loss goals. While seemingly empathetic, this marketing strategy can be seen as a deceptive tactic to mask the product’s potential shortcomings. 

The change in Pure Protein’s advertising is intended to encourage gym-goers to use a Pure Protein product every day. The focus is on celebrating small accomplishments toward the goal. 

The article shares and elaborates that their advertising is about making small changes in dietary choices if you cannot get an early gym session. Instead of reaching for a candy bar, grab a Pure Choice Protein bar or shake to tide over those hunger pangs. 

With the philosophical change in their marketing, does that mean Pure Protein is a good protein powder? Keep reading to find out.

Can You Lose Weight With Pure Protein?

Here’s why high-protein diets are associated and commonly recommended when trying to lose weight. High-protein diets can help boost metabolism, reduce appetite, and preserve muscle mass during weight loss.

This begs the question: Can you lose weight with Pure Protein Powder?

Research shows that drinking Pure Protein shakes can help you lose weight. However, as a nutritionist, I highly encourage consuming whole foods first due to their higher satiety and supplementing with protein shakes. 

I wrote an article examining the best way to use protein powder for weight loss. I assembled a list of foods (and protein powders) that will keep your stomach full while dieting. 

Pure Protein 100% Whey is predominantly whey protein concentrate with some whey protein isolate. That said, I ranked whey protein concentrate as one of the least satiating foods to consume while losing weight. 

You can lose weight as long as you maintain a calorie deficit. However, Pure Protein states that adults should consume one to two shakes daily. 

Is Pure Protein a good protein powder to keep you full while dieting? Leave your thoughts down below.

Is Pure Protein Powder Gluten Free?

The Pure Protein powder label states at least twice that the Pure 100% Whey is gluten-free. However, that is about the powder’s ingredients and protein formulation. 

As a whole, Pure Protein Powder offers a protein formulation free of gluten. However, examining the small print on the label reveals that It is assembled in a facility that may be cross-contaminated with other ingredients.  Pure Protein Powder is not 100% Gluten-Free.

is pure protein a good protein powder
It is clearly stated that Pure Protein powder is made in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, sesame, shellfish, and fish. 

To reiterate, Pure Protein Powder’s formulation is gluten-free. However, it is essential to note that it is made in a facility where cross-contamination with allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, sesame, shellfish, and fish may occur. This could pose a risk to individuals with severe allergies. 

Good protein powders are made in facilities where cross-contamination will not occur. What is your opinion is Pure Protein is a good protein powder?

Is Pure Protein Powders 3rd Party Tested?

Most of the time, budget-priced protein powders are not 3rd party tested.

There is no indication that Pure Protein Powder is third-party tested. I emailed Pure Protein Powder weeks ago, but that email went unanswered. No information about third-party testing is shared on the label or the website. This lack of third-party testing raises severe concerns about the supplement facts’ accuracy and the potential health risks of using Pure Protein. 

Third-party testing is crucial when it comes to protein powders. It verifies that the product contains no banned substances and that the supplement facts listed are accurate. Unfortunately, there is no indication that Pure Protein Powder has undergone such testing. I contacted Pure Protein Powder for clarification, but my email went unanswered.

The lack of third-party testing may cause supplement facts to be inaccurate by up to 20%. The suggested 25 grams of protein per serving may be closer to 20 grams. This potential inaccuracy raises doubts about the effectiveness of Pure Protein as a protein powder. 

Do you purchase protein powders that don’t have a third-party seal of inspection? Is Pure Protein a good protein powder, even if it doesn’t have a third-party seal of inspection?

If you said Pure Protein is still good, I have news about potential amino acid spiking. 

Does Pure Protein Amino Spike?

Simply put, Pure Protein Powders are amino spiked. How do I know?

As a whole, Pure Protein Powders are amino spiked. It lacked 3rd party certification and discrepancy of leucine per serving by at least .3 grams. It is clearly shown that the protein powder does not offer a complete and whole 25 grams of protein per serving.

There are two amino acid profiles. A typical amino acid profile per one scoop (39.6-gram serving) and one that shares how many BCAAs you get with the protein. That amino acid profile lists all essential, non-essential, and conditionally essential acids. 

Unbiased Pure Protein Powder Review
The amino acid profile for Pure Protein Powder isn’t precisely correct.
Unbiased Pure Protein Powder Review
The amino acid profile and BCAAs per serving based on protein scoop differ.

The other profile shares how many BCAAs you are getting per serving. The leucine differs based on the typical amino acid and protein BCAA profiles. 

 When you also consider the lack of third-party certification, Pure Protein Powder may offer up to 23 grams of protein, or at the bare minimum, 18 grams. 

Is Pure Protein a good protein powder for building muscle? No.

Is Pure Protein Good for Building Muscle?

Research suggests that you need at least 25 grams of protein and a maximum of 3 grams of leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. 

Based on Pure Protein Powder’s amino acid profile and potentially amino-spiked nature. I’ve concluded that you need at least 1.5 scoops of Pure Protein Powder post-workout to stimulate MPS.

Pure Protein powder is very inefficient at building muscle. We already know that Pure Protein is amino spiked. Due to the lack of a 3rd party seal, we also know that the protein indicated on the label is not 25 grams. 

When you consider that there are only 20 servings in a 2-pound container, which is priced at $28.99, accounts for 1.5 scoops, is inefficient, and is unsuitable for building muscle. 

Is Pure Protein a good protein powder? Know what we know about Pure Protein. It’s starting to shape up that Pure Protein is not a good protein powder.

I started this article by sharing and examining Pure Protein Powder’s budget-priced nature. Let’s now examine the ingredient quality found in Pure Protein 100% Whey.

Do Pure Protein powders Use American Made Ingredients?

When you examine the label, there are no accurate indicators of internationally sourced ingredients. However, I had reservations about the quality of the ingredients found in Pure Protein Powder. 

Unbiased Rule 1 Source 7 Protein Review
Internationally sourced ingredient is always whey protein. That’s how some protein powders are cheap.

As a whole, Pure Protein Powder uses internationally sourced ingredients. This information is based on a phone conversation I had with a representative. Furthermore, Pure Protein Powder uses GMO ingredients and soy. In some people, it is causing digestive issues. 

I spoke with Luke on the phone at 1440 Foods Company. He had this to share about the potential of internationally sourced ingredients.

“The protein powder is manufactured stateside. If the product is manufactured in Canada, the product will be shared as ‘manufactured in Canada.’ However, due to the extensive nature of ingredients, we don’t have a complete list of where the ingredients are sourced.”

Examining who the protein powder is made for and the location is the closest indicator of internationally sourced ingredients. “Carefully manufactured” is the closest indicator of any potentially internationally sourced ingredients.

is pure protein a good protein powder
No statements are made on the label or website of Pure Protein about internationally sourced ingredients.

I’m not suggesting that internationally sourced ingredients indicate poor quality. However, in this instance, we need to examine the ingredients label.

Does Pure Protein Powder Use High Quality Ingredients?

As we have learned through this article, Pure Protein Powder is consistently a budget-priced alternative to premium branded protein powders. However, Pure Protein Powder takes shortcuts, starting with not being truly 100% gluten-free and ranging to being amino-spiked. 

Examining the ingredient list in Pure 100% Whey, we see that soy and GMO ingredients are the lowest-quality ingredients. Requesting specific ingredient information from 1440 Foods yielded no results due to the “extensive nature” and source of ingredients. 

Budget-priced protein powders are designed to save money. Pure 100% Whey uses the cheapest ingredients to keep the protein powder price as low as possible. 

is pure protein a good protein powder
Bioengineered is another term for GMO.

I always ask this question: does buying a budget-priced protein powder mean the best protein powder? No.

However, if you are genuinely looking for a budget-priced protein powder, select a brand that offers a transparent ingredient label, is not amino-spiked, and is third-party certified by a recognized agency. 

Let’s conclude this article. We have already answered the question: Is Pure Protein a good protein powder? 

It’s not good.

Are Pure Protein Powders Good or Bad?

When selecting budget-priced protein powders, you have to take the good with the bad. In this instance, what makes Pure Protein Powder suitable?

  • Budget-priced
  • Good for increasing your daily amount of protein
  • May help you reach your weight loss goals
  • Even though not discussed, mixes and tastes great

Now, let’s examine what Pure Protein Powder gets wrong.

  • Amino spiked protein powder
  • Not certified by a 3rd party agency
  • Produced in a facility where gluten may cross-contaminate
  • Internationally sourced protein (ingredients) without transparent indicators
  • Pure 100% Whey is not efficient at building muscle
  • It uses GMO and soy ingredients
ON Gold Standard
ON Gold Standard whey protein isolate is the best, budget-priced blended whey protein on the market.

Pure Protein Powder may be a suitable option for maintaining your budget, achieving your weight loss goals, and increasing your protein intake daily. At $28.99, it may offer a great deal. 

When compared to other budget-priced protein powders, Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard 100% Whey, Pure Protein 100% Whey should be removed from consideration. 

The only issue you will have with Gold Standard 100% Whey is that the brand uses protein and ingredients sourced internationally. Optimum Nutrition is transparent about where it purchases its protein powder. I’ve discussed it in my unbiased protein review of Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey.

Is Pure Protein a good protein powder? It depends on your goal. It could be a suitable protein powder for you if you want to achieve a personal weight loss goal. 


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