Is Raw Nutrition a Good Brand for Protein Supplements? Discover the Facts!

Is Raw Nutrition A Good Brand?

You may have stumbled across Raw Nutrition and wondered, “Is Raw Nutrition a good brand?” I hope to reaffirm your suspicion that you may purchase their products. I mean, why not? 

Here’s what you’ll be reading with what is offered for their protein line.

  • “Creating products that perfectly balance the scales of quality and flavor.”
  • “Delivers the purest form of protein available, aiding digestion, supporting muscle growth, and providing a balanced source of amino acids and peptides.”
  • “Made in the USA. No artificial ingredients, no GMOs, no BS.”

Is Raw Nutrition a good brand? Are their protein products as good as they read?

As a whole, Raw Nutrition does not offer high-quality protein. The protein powder is imported from inferior protein suppliers. You pay a premium price for a very subpar protein experience. 

If you’re interested, check out my unbiased Bum Protein Powder review. I share why the protein powder is underwhelming. 

I recommend looking elsewhere if you want to use Raw Whey Protein for weight loss. 

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Is Raw Whey Protein Good for Weight Loss?

If your goal is to use Raw Whey Protein for weight loss, there might be better options for keeping you satiated. However, when you examine the unique protein source in Raw Whey Isolate, you will notice it only offers one protein source: Grass fed whey protein isolate. 

A comprehensive academic study published in the Journal of Nutrition delved into various protein sources’ satiety levels and digestion times. The contenders were casein, pea protein, whey, egg albumin, and maltodextrin, the control. The study was conducted over six months and involved a diverse group of participants. 

Unbiased Raw Whey Isolate Review
Supplement facts and ingredient list for Raw Whey Isolate, Cookies and Cream

Here’s a table showing what researchers found regarding satiety and digestive types for each of the study’s sources. 

RankProtein SourcesDigestion TimeSatiety ImpactOverall Effectiveness
1Casein Protein4–7 hoursHighBest for long-term satiety
2Pea Protein2–4 hoursHighBest for long-term satiety
3Whey Protein1–2 hoursModerateEffective at stimulating MPS
4Egg Albumin2–4 hoursLow to ModerateLess impact on satiety
5Maltodextrin (sugar)
<1 hourLowRapid digestion
Information is from “Effect of different protein sources on satiation and short-term satiety when consumed as a starter.”

Whey protein has demonstrated its prowess in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. It can significantly reduce the post-meal blood glucose response, a feat not matched by egg albumin. This unique property of whey protein can help moderate energy levels and prevent the sudden return of hunger, making it a valuable tool in weight management.

Does Protein Powder Quality Matter When Losing Weight?

Instead of comparing the quality of satiety of whey protein concentrate, which contains more lactose and fat, whey protein isolate is purer and contains less lactose and fat. Let’s examine the dilemma differently. Let’s examine protein quality and weight loss. 

The British Journal of Nutrition article examined protein quality and weight loss. What researchers found is worth noting. 

High-quality proteins, such as whey protein isolate, rich in essential amino acids and particularly branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), can enhance satiety and reduce overall calorie intake, thereby supporting weight loss efforts. 

Additionally, these proteins can help preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss, which is vital for maintaining metabolic rate. This research emphasizes the importance of not just the quantity of protein consumed but also the quality, as it can significantly impact the effectiveness of a weight management program.

Put high-quality protein powders will keep you more satiated. Focus on whole foods first, then protein powders.

We know that protein quality matters when losing weight. Does spreading more meals with low protein or higher amounts of protein with lower meal amounts help you lose more weight?

Are Small Meals Better for Weight Loss?

Researchers wanted to know if eating more meals with less protein per meal or fewer meals with a higher protein content will help weight-losses feel more satiated.  

break a fast with eggs
Wondering how to break your fast? Eggs, fruit, or oatmeal are good choices. Check out my article on what else would break your fast.

Eating fewer meals and consuming higher amounts of protein with each meal helped individuals lose more weight than frequent eaters. Researchers suggest that if your goal is to lose weight, aim for at least 25% of your calories from protein and focus on fewer meals with a high amount of protein. 

We must answer two questions: Can you lose weight with Raw Whey Protein, and is It good?

Can You Lose Weight With Raw Whey Protein?

Consuming Raw Whey Protein with a dietary deficit and a workout routine can help you lose weight. However, we just learned that we must examine whether Raw Whey Protein is high quality.

As a whole, Raw Whey Protein is not a good protein to use when trying to lose weight. It is amino-spiked, which can lead to being hungry more often. The protein source is of low quality, making weight loss more complex and difficult. 

We need to examine a couple of things: Is Raw Whey Protein 3rd party tested, and what is the amino acid profile for Raw Whey Protein?

Here’s why we need to answer those questions

  • High quality protein isolates may help keep you satiated longer 
  • High quality protein powders share an amino acid profile
  • Finally, high-quality protein powders are not amino spiked

What is the Amino Acid Profile for Raw Whey Protein

I examined the amino acid profile in my unbiased Bum Protein Powder review. In that review, I requested an amino acid profile from Raw Nutrition. They were happy to share the information. 

Is raw nutrition a good brand
Amino acid profile for Raw Whey Isolate Protein.
Unbiased bum protein powder review
Is Raw Whey Isolate grass-fed? No, it’s not a grass-fed protein powder.

Something needed to be fixed with the amino acid profile. The representative shared that the amino acid profiles for Raw Whey Isolate and Bum Proteins were the same. Even though one was grass-fed and the other was a standard isolate.

Unbiased bum protein powder review
When you see “peptides” in a protein powder description, it is 100% amino spiked.

The amino acid profile is artificially spiked compared to similar grass-fed protein powders. Finally, I found an interesting statement on Amazon’s product page. 

The Amazon description is the final nail in the coffin for Raw Whey Protein and amino spiking. It is misleading to state that the product provides a balanced source of amino acids and peptides when it is amino-spiked. 

Based on research, Raw Whey Protein is an amino-spiked protein powder, according to the information shared on Raw Nutrition’s Amazon page description. 

Amino spiked protein is not a sign of quality. Have you used Raw Whey Protein? Is Raw Nutrition a good brand after knowing they have an amino spike?

Is Raw Whey Protein 3rd Party Certified?

I am examining the product page for Raw Whey Protein at It is shared that Raw Whey Protein is certified by Informed Choices, Informed Sport, and Informed Protein certifications. These certifications are essential in the protein powder industry, as they provide independent verification of a product’s quality and safety.

Informed Sport: Each batch is tested for banned and illegal substances.

Informed Protein: This certification verifies that the amino acid profile and protein serving listed on the nutrition facts are accurate and not artificially inflated by amino spiking. It is a crucial indicator of a protein powder’s quality and integrity. 

Is raw nutrition a good brand
Raw Nutrition’s third-party seal of approval is not listed on the containers; it is only on the product page of

Unfortunately, neither Bum Protein nor Raw Whey Isolate qualify for the Informed Protein seal. 

The only certification for Raw Whey Protein verified by Informed Choice is Informed Sport, which certifies that each batch of protein is free from illegal and banned substances. Informed Sport does not verify the amino acid profile or protein per serving.

Overall, Informed Choice has verified that Raw Whey Protein does not contain illegal or banned substances. The only product to have earned the Informed Protein label is Raw Whey Nutrition’s RTD. 

Improperly sharing 3rd party certifications on a product home page is not a reputable move by Raw Nutrition. This underscores the importance of verifying third-party certifications when purchasing decisions. What are your thoughts after sharing this information? Is Raw Nutrition a good brand?

Is Raw Isolate Protein Good?

Strictly examining Raw Isolate Protein for weight loss, it’s tough to recommend the protein. 

As a whole, Raw Isolate Protein is not a good protein. It uses low-quality protein, is not a true 100% grass-fed protein, and is improperly advertised as mislabeled. Therefore, it is not qualified for a third-party seal. 

Based on that information alone, using Raw Isolate protein for weight loss will make you hungry because it is an inferior protein source. There are better protein powders available for weight loss. What about the Bum protein powders, a famous brand known for its high-quality protein supplements?

Being succinct: Raw Isolate Protein is not good. In turn, we are starting to understand how to answer the question: Is Raw Nutrition a good brand? 

Let’s examine Raw Nutrition’s flagship protein: Raw CBum Protein.

What is Raw CBum?

Unbiased bum protein powder review
CBum nutrition and ingredient list for Mint Chip Ice Cream.

Raw CBum offers more fun flavors that will appeal to your pallet. In addition to flavors, we must examine the facts about the supplement and compare them to Raw Whey Isolate. 

Based on the supplement facts, CBum Protein lists whey protein isolate as the primary protein source, whereas Raw Isolate lists grass-fed isolate as the primary protein source. However, due to a lack of label transparency, both proteins are standard isolates and offer a similar experience. 

Outside of price, CBum Protein is tough to recommend. Raw Nutrition is charging more for the CBum. Even though the flavors may seem more appealing, there are severe questions about label transparency and quality. 

Raw Nutrition offers four types of protein: blended protein, Raw Whey Isolate, CBum Protein, and plant-based protein. What protein powders from Raw Nutrition have you used?

With the information shared in this article, is Raw Nutrition a good brand you would recommend to someone?

Is CBum Protein Good?

I’ve had a back-and-forth with a representative from Raw Nutrition. The rep shared that there is nothing different between Raw Whey Isolate and Bum Protein powders. Examining the Amazon page listings and the label, that is the furthest from the difference. 

Raw Nutrition advertises that CBum Protein is a grass-fed protein based on the Amazon description page graphics. However, examining the facts about the supplement for CBum reveals that this is untrue. 

How does Raw Nutrition make that mistake for their flagship protein?

As a whole, CBum Protein is not good. Bum Protein powder is the same quality as Raw Whey Isolate: low quality, amino spiked, filled with false advertising, and distorting the truth for label transparency. 

Once again, being direct. The question: Is CBum Protein good? Resounding no.

Let’s answer the big question and the purpose of this article: Is Raw Nutrition a good brand? Comment below and share your thoughts.

Conclusion: Is Raw Nutrition A Good Brand?

Raw Nutrition may sound like a value-based brand offering high-quality, grass-fed supplements. However, that is not the case. 

Overall, Raw Nutrition is not a good brand and is not recommended. Here are my reasons: amino spikes, inferior protein quality, confusing label information compared to Raw Nutrition’s advertising, and mislabeling of third-party certified products. 

That alone is enough to answer the question posed in this article: Is Raw Nutrition a good brand? No. 

Regardless of your fitness goal, whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, Raw Nutrition protein powders have glaring issues in transparency and quality. I shared research examining protein powder quality in academic research.  

High quality protein supplements help build muscle, help you lose weight (with a calorie deficit and workout routine), and help you stay satiated. Raw Nutrition protein powders do the complete opposite. 

They offer a low-quality source that will not help you reach your fitness goals. The only thing “good” about the Raw Nutrition brand is that it drains your bank account.

Avoid Raw Nutrition protein powders.


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