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Online Personal Trainer, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Free Online Workout

Clients preparing for free online workout plan and free online fitness consultation.

Try it Before You Buy it

In continuation of your fitness journey, opting for a free online workout with a virtual personal trainer can be a game-changer. These sessions offer you the freedom to exercise from the comfort of your home, at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

  • Flexibility
  • Workout anytime, anywhere.
  • Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle or frequent travel
  • Tailored to meet your fitness goals
  • Get instant feedback on your form and progress
  • Cost-effective
  • No expensive gym membership
  • Try out my services before committing

I used to be a personal trainer in La Crosse, WI. As of May 2020, I am an online virtual personal trainer. I mainly do virtual private training sessions through WhatsApp or Google Meet. Am I a free online personal trainer? No. However, I am offering you (one) free online fitness consultation and (one) free online workout.

How Do I Qualify for the Free Online Workout?

  1. Complete this online fitness consultation form. The form takes about 5-minutes to fill out
  2. Wait to be contacted. You will be contacted via email within 24-hours to set up a time that works best for everyone. It’s that simple.
  3. One and done free workout free online

Free Online Fitness Program Process

The first 30-minutes of the consultation, we will talk about

  • Fitness goals you want with me as your online weight loss coach
  • Current exercise and diet routine
  • Current medical history (PAR-Q)

Once we are done talking, we are going to transition into the free online workout.

  • Have at least a 8×8 space for physical activity
  • Workout equipment by your workout space (Weight, stability ball, bands, and mat)
  • Water handy

The workout is going to be designed with your health and fitness goals in mind.​

Are There Any Stipulations for the Free Online Fitness Program?

  • A consultation form needs to be completed before the Compass Consultation. 
  • Compass Consultation is mandatory before the workout. 
  • One free 30-minute workout per calendar year.

Virtual Fitness Training Pricing

Online personal training rates can be pricey. Virtual personal training prices average between $100-$300 per month. Prices are totally dependent upon 

  • Duration of the online workout session
  • How many times per week you are meeting with your virtual trainer

Virtual personal trainer cost is totally dependent upon what that trainer is charging. What I’m offering is an affordable and inexpensive online personal trainer. All of my clients train

  • 2 times per week
  • Workouts last between 45 and 60 minutes
  • A few train as little as 30-minutes per week

What I offer for my clients

  • Consistent weight loss progress tracking
  • Accountability and dependability 
  • 24-hour text message access
  • Personalized and fresh workouts 

If you’re looking for prices for a virtual online trainer, you can visit here.

If you’re looking for weekly workouts sent to your phone or email, visit remote fitness trainer. Affordable remote fitness trainer prices. If you’re wondering what protein powder I recommend for my clients, unbiased protein reviews.