BSN Syntha-6: A Delicious Deception? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Taste and Ingredients

So what’s my experience using BSN-Supplements? I’ve been using their products at least a DECADE! I’ve used their protein (Syntha-6), pre-workout (NO-Xplode), creatine (Cell Mass), dessert protein (Lean Dessert, discontinued), and finally BCAAs (AminoX). As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty happy with their supplement line for over a decade.

Logo of BSN company
BSN: Finish First
BSN Dessert is no longer an option through the company
First BSN Order

What really got me started using their products was the movie, Warrior. Tom Hardy, had 60 days to prepare for the movie, physique-wise he didn’t look the part of an MMA fighter. Well, if it’s good enough for Tom to live off of, it must be damn good.

Have you used BSN Syntha 6 or other BSN products? Share your experiences at the start of your journey in the comments below!

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Updated BSN Syntha 6 Review

I reviewed BSN Syntha 6 in 2020. A lot has changed with BSN’s flagship protein. Here what has changed about BSN Synth 6 since 2020.

  • Protein profile
  • Ingredient list
  • Final review score

To this day, BSN Syntha 6 is still the best tasting protein powder.

I also firmly believe that BSN Syntha 6 is a superior meal replacement shake, arguably one of the best. With 5 grams of fiber per serving, it’s most likely the most fiber you will find with a MRE.

Check out this updated review on Syntha 6 whey protein.

What is Syntha-6?

I'm doing a BSN Syntha 6 review on chocolate flavor
BSN Syntha 6 review, chocolate

It’s a protein blend of whey, casein, isolate, and various protein types all wrapped up into one serving. As of the writing of this article, each serving has 200 calories, 6g of fat, 15g of carbs, and 22g of protein. Syntha-6 is advertised as a meal replacement, post-workout, or anytime protein.

With that being stated, let’s get the review going!

BSN Syntha-6 Review, Value

You could purchase Syntha 6 protein powder at their website, the company provides free shipping and handling with any purchase more than $25. There is an advantage of buying straight from the company: price continuity between flavors, availability, and flavors only available through the website.

  1. 2.91 lbs, 28 servings, $30.99, $1.10/serving
  2. 5 lbs, 45 servings, $45.99, $1.02/serving
  3. 10 lbs, 97 servings, $92.99, .97/serving

I buy all my protein powders through Amazon, for me, I’m just looking for the best value. I’m always going for the lowest price. Everything quoted is vanilla.

  1. 2.91, 28 servings, $29.99, $1.07/serving
  2. 5 lbs, 45 servings, $45.99, $1.02/serving
  3. 10 lbs, 97 servings, $89.94, .93/serving

Value: 6. Regardless of where you purchase Syntha-6, it’s going to be a dollar per serving. Am I surprised, yes. You would think that buying the bulk bag, you’re saving more. In reality, it doesn’t matter if you buy in bulk.

Protein Spiking

Since I’m not willing to purchase and send off samples to a 3rd-party laboratory to test the actual amount of listed protein compared to the test, let’s do some sleuthing.

  1. No amino tables listing and stating mg per serving
  2. Does state 10g of essential amino acids, but is naturally occurring
  3. No creatine or taurine
Picture of BSN Syntha 6 protein ingredient list, 2020 formul
BSN Syntha 6 protein powder ingredient list, 2020 formula

Protein Spiking: 7 (trace amounts). Even though everything is properly labeled, no recovery blends, nor amino tables. BUT, in the ingredient list, at the very end of the list, Glutamine peptides? Why?! Rule of thumb when reading the ingredient list, the most prominent ingredient is listed first, further down the list, less of the following ingredients are used. Glutamine peptides are the 7th and final ingredient in their protein matrix. The 22g of protein is probably inflated by 2g, it’s possible it’s “only” 20g of protein per serving.


The first time I mixed the protein, I thought it was going to end up clumpy. The scoop used is almost 1.5 times bigger than the customary scoop used in most protein. Plus, BSN only recommends 5 fl oz. of water, whereas other brands recommend 6-8 fl oz. Even with the small water to protein ratio, Syntha-6 still feels dense and thick–most likely due to the amount of fats/emulsifiers in the powder.

Don’t worry, once you get shaking, it’s easily one of the best mixing experiences you’ll ever have. Syntha-6 easily mixes with water, juice, milk, and nut milks. Syntha-6 doesn’t clump up at all. If you’re hankering for a shake, use milk. It will taste amazing as your before-bed shake.

I’m a big fan of mixing protein with yogurts, puddings, and hot cereals. Syntha-6 mixes great with whole and heated foods. Not once did I have any powder clumps, and it mixes very well with foods.

What are your favorite ways to mix and use Syntha 6? Let us know in the comments whether you prefer it with water, milk, or blended into recipes!

Mixability: 10. Can’t go wrong mixing this protein with any liquids or hot or cold foods. It’s surprisingly thick (but still light) for as little water used to mix it all together. No clumps at the bottom or at the sides of your shaker bottle.

BSN Syntha 6 Ingredients

BSN Protein Full Ingredient List
A BSN Protein Full Ingredient List

This is where Syntha 6 protein powder can improve. The ingredient list is extensive. I enjoy how BSN made an effort to put 6 protein types (and an amino) in their proprietary protein blend, but I’d love to see a breakdown of how much of each protein type is being utilized.

I hinted at this with the mixability of Syntha-6, the fats (Sunflower Creamer and MCT powder), and carbs play off of each other to form a lightly thick-watery solution. What I’ll give recognition to is the lack of aspartame. Just drinking so many different brands of protein powder, you can tell when a protein powder has aspartame or trace amounts. If you’re not sure what aspartame tastes like, it’s an overbearing-non-natural sweet taste.

Ingredient Profile: 7. This ingredient list is about average to what I’ve seen with other protein powders. It’s nice to not see no aspartame listed, advertised, and stated. Could it be better? Yes. If BSN were to start listing percentages in their 6 protein & glutamine matrix, I think people will be shocked to see what they are actually purchasing.

BSN Syntha 6 Nutrition Information

Syntha 6 protein powder is advertised as an anytime protein to help men & women reach their nutritional and physique goals. I think it’s funny that BSN protein is not advertising itself as helping people lose weight.

  • 200 calories per serving
  • 15 g carbs, 1g of fiber
  • 22g g of proteins
  • 6g of fats
BSN Protein Nutrition Facts
BSN Protein Nutrition Facts

If you’re someone that is above 200 pounds and you’re using this as a post-workout shake, whatever calories you burned off, will be back when downing two servings. From a personal experience, I need to have at least 30g of protein with every meal. Taking Syntha-6, that’s 300 calories. Depending on my weight goal, this Syntha 6 protein powder would not ideal when trying to cut weight. If you’re having 2 shakes, each shaking being 1.5 servings, that will be 30g of protein, in total, 600 calories will be dedicated toward shakes.

Macro Composition: 7.5. This protein is advertised as an anytime protein, but since the protein composition is ambiguous, it doesn’t do one thing great. Is it a good “anytime” protein? Eh. What about as a meal replacement? Yes. Would I recommend it as a casein protein before bed? Only if it’s mixed with milk. Would I recommend it for post-workout? Yes, depending on your physique/weight goal. I would also like to see more than 1g of fiber to go along with that 15g of carbs. Ideally at least 2g but no more than 4g.

Best Syntha 6 Flavor

If you’re selecting a protein, based on its flavor, this is the one you want to drink. All the flavors are amazing! They all mix great. I’ve never tried the Cold Stone Creamery line, but for $1 more for the 2.91 lbs container, it’s going to be worth it based on taste alone.

Flavor: 10

Is Syntha 6 Good For You?

Syntha-6 is advertised as an “anytime” protein. With their proprietary protein blend (6 protein types and Glutamine), on paper, it should work as an “anytime.” But when a product becomes too broad, it can be difficult to recommend for a “best time” to drink. Would I recommend it as an “anytime” protein? No. Casein? No. Post-workout? Maybe. If anything, I would classify this protein as a meal replacement or even a mass gainer-light. At $1 per serving at 200 calories, it’s can be pricey on the wallet and on the scale.

I would love to see the ingredient list shortened, less calories per serving, but with more protein. They do have such a product, Syntha-6 Edge, but that’s priced at $10 more per container, which does offer higher protein (2?! more grams of protein) and fewer calories, but with the same ingredient list. With some companies willing to show percentages of their protein blend, it makes you wonder how much of the BSN’s protein matrix is concentrate. It’s probably at least 60% concentrate.

I’ve been using BSN supplements for a decade, I think they have a solid supplement line, a good supplement line. Is the taste alone worth buying Syntha-6? Yes. It’s that damn good and it’s the best tasting protein I’ve ever drank.

Is Syntha 6 protein powder good? I would plan on using it as a meal replacement, mass gainer, or even after a very tough workout of at least 600 calories burned. I would recommend Syntha-6.

Are there any specific aspects of protein supplements you’d like us to cover in future reviews? Drop your questions and suggestions in the comments, and we might explore them in our upcoming articles!

Updated BSN Protein Review

I made adjustments to my protein review guidelines. Plus, I was looking at the “new” BSN Syntha 6 protein formula. BSN “forgot” to share the Glutamine Peptides in the 2023 formula. This begs the question…

Is BSN Syntha 6 protein amino spiked? All I can share, BSN didn’t want to share an amino acid profile. Add in the non-listed Glutamine Peptides. You’re left disappointed.

Here’s an updated, unbiased BSN Syntha 6 review.

BSN Protein Review Final Score

Value: 6 out of 10
Protein Spiking: 7 out of 10, (trace amounts)
Mixability: 10 out of 10
Ingredient Profile: 7.5 out of 10
Macro Composition: 7.5 out of 10
Flavor: 10 out of 10

Overall Score 48/60, 80%, B-


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