GNC Total Lean Shake 25 Unbiased Review

Reviewing the Nutritional Benefits and Taste of GNC Total Lean Shake 25

Unbiased GNC Total Lean Shake 25 Review, Thin Mint Edition

As a reviewer with credentials including NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Precision Nutrition Nutritionist, and CISSN certified by the ISSN, my aim is to provide you with an accurate and unbiased review.

Every product I review is tested personally. I don’t just rely on online research; I use these products in my daily routine. This hands-on experience ensures that my reviews are based on real, practical usage, not just specifications and claims.

The products I choose to review are selected based on reader requests, market relevance, and personal interest. I’m not sponsored by any of the brands featured, which allows me to provide impartial evaluations without any external influence.

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GNC Lean Shake 25 Reviews For Weight Loss

What is Total Lean Shake 25?

GNC’s Total Lean is a line of products produced by GNC. These products are to help you reach your health and fitness goal (lose weight, feel great). These products are meal replacement shakes, RTDs, thermogenics, and bars.

Lean Shake 25 GNC’s take on, a meal replacement shake. The flavor I purchased was girl scouts thin mints. Is this protein worth your money? Let’s dive into the review.

Here are my questions I want to answer for GNC Lean Shake 25

  • Can Lean Shake 25 be a good alternative to BSN Syntha 6?
  • Does GNC Lean Shake work for weight loss?
  • Can Lean Shake be as effective at building and maintaining muscle?

Let’s get into the review.

Best Place to Buy GNC Lean Shake 25

I purchased GNC Toal Lean Shake 25 at Walmart in January. I couldn’t say no because a lot of other people had that itch to lose weight too!

  • 16 servings, $23.88, $1.49 per serving.

$24 may seem steep for 16 servings. But let’s compare to other outlets selling 16 serving containers.

If your goal is to lose weight and stay full, GNC Total Lean Shake may appear like a great option to reach your goals.

Value: 5. Upon first glance, $24 for 16 servings appears to be a great deal. Here’s the reason why GNC Total Lean Shake 25 is getting a 5. Low quality ingredients.

Is GNC Total Lean Shake 25 Spiked?

My steps are always the same when determining if a protein powder is spiked. Here are my steps I take.

  • Look at the nutrition facts for recovery blends.
  • Examine ingredient list for added amino acids.
  • Research for an amino acid profile on the label or website.
  • Finally contact supplement company and request an amino profile.

I had to contact GNC for an amino acid profile. Here is there response.

Unbiased GNC Total Lean Shake 25 Review, Thin Mint Edition
Lean Shake 25 has an unlisted amino acid

If new technology in protein manufacturing happens, then put it on the label. Optimum Nutrition does it… But if there are no products and manufacturing in protein powders, then how come no one else finding these advancements?

All proteins have amino acids, essential amino acids, and branch chain amino acids. To state that there is only one amino acid is misleading and is a red flag. If L-Carnitine is present in your product (it shouldn’t), how much L-Carnitine is in the product?

You could be thinking, “Could L-Carnitine can be beneficial for weight loss and exercise performance?”

There’s little evidence suggesting that L-Carnitine will increase fat oxidation. Plus, L-Carnitine is not a naturally occurring amino acid in protein powder production. So why have it in the product?

Let’s examine if L-Caranitine is a good at burning fat.

Is L-Carnitine A Fat Burner?

The article explains that while carnitine plays a role in fat burning during exercise, simply taking extra carnitine doesn’t necessarily lead to increased fat oxidation.

Recent studies suggest that long-term carnitine supplementation combined with carbohydrates might increase its levels in muscles, potentially aiding in fat use during light exercise and reducing muscle lactate at high intensity.

However, the key to fat loss is more related to the exercise itself rather than just taking carnitine supplements.

Protein Spiking: 1. It’s spiked. I didn’t get an amino acid profile. I was provided with misleading information. If L-Carnitine is in this product, it makes you wonder what other, nitrogen based ingredients are inflating the protein count of this product. The label doesn’t state that L-Carnitine is an occurring product.

GNC Lean Shake 25 Directions

As a meal replacement, mix one serving (one heaping scoop)(48g) with 8 fl oz of cold water. Mix well. Drink two shakes daily while following a healthy weight management program.

GNC.com “How to Use”

Majority of GNC Total Lean Shake 25 is protein concentrate. When I followed the directions and used a beverage of my choice. I was suprised.

  • Water, powder at the top
  • Skim milk, clean
  • Whole milk, no issues

What’s your favorite way to mix Lean Shake 25? Let us know if you have any unique recipes or combinations!

Mixability: 9. Usually, water is the mixer. With this one, I got some clumping around the rim. When using milk, came out clean.

GNC Lean Shake 25 Ingredients

When examining the ingredients list for GNC Lean Shake 25, it’s extensive. However, there is a descrepency between the label and what is shared online.

GNC.com shares “See Label for Ingredients.”

What you receive and what is shared are two different entitites. You can view the actual label via a PDF. What are you getting for ingredients GNC Lean Shake 25?

GNC Lean Shake 25 Reviews For Weight Loss
Lean Shake 25 direct from GNC.
GNC Lean Shake 25 Reviews For Weight Loss
The actual ingredients found in Total Lean Shake 25, Thin Mint.

GNC Total Lean Shake 25 Ingredients, Thin Mint

Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate)Provides essential proteins for muscle recovery and growth.
Carbohydrate Blend (Maltodextrin, Oat Bran, Sunfiber [Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum], Resistant Corn Starch, Oligofructose, Fructooligosaccharides)Offers a mix of carbohydrates for energy and fiber for digestion.
Cocoa Powder (Processed with Alkali)Adds flavor and color to the shake.
Natural FlavorsEnhances the overall taste of the shake.
Mint Chocolate Micro Cookie Gems (Rice Flour, Sugar, Tapioca Starch, etc.)Adds texture and flavor, creating a unique taste experience.
Vitamin and Mineral BlendProvides essential vitamins and minerals for overall health and nutrition.
Creamer (Sunflower Oil, Maltodextrin, Sodium Caseinate, etc.)Improves the texture and creaminess of the shake.
Nonfat Dry MilkAdds protein and enhances the shake’s flavor and texture.
Gum Blend (Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan)Acts as thickeners and stabilizers to improve the shake’s consistency.
SaltEnhances flavor.
Cellulose GumUsed as a thickener or stabilizer.
Sucralose, Acesulfame PotassiumZero-calorie sweeteners used to enhance sweetness without adding calories.
Total Lean Shake 25 ingredient list for Girl Scout Thin Mint

Here are some keypoints about Lean Shake 25

  • Lean Shake 25 is a blend of whey protein concentrate, milk concentrate, then isolate.
  • L-Carnitine is in this product (as shared by the rep via email convo), but not listed in the ingredient list.
  • There is no lactase enzyme for you people who can’t digest dairy.

For the record, I had major GI issues drinking Lean Shake 25.

Ingredient Profile: 5. Small font to read on the label. When I see blended protein, I expect to see concentrate, casein, and isolate. Two concentrates and a splash of isolate isn’t a blend.

No Digestive enzymes are in Lean Shake 25. You will experience mild GI distress when you mix with water(bloating/protein farts). When you use Lactose free milk, you will experience the bloat.

L-Carnitine is in this product and is not listed on the ingredient list. This information was shared via email with a GNC Rep.

GNC Lean Shake 25 Nutrition Label

Serving size, ONE HEAPING SCOOP (53g)

Calories 190

  • Total Fat: 2.5g
  • Sodium: 200mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 15g 
  • Dietary Fiber: 7g
  • Soluble fiber: 3g
  • Total Sugar: 2g
  • Protein: 25g

Protein content per serving: 25/53: 47% Protein, 53% fillers

Is GNC Lean Shake 25 Healthy?

GNC Lean Shake 25 provides 25% of your daily intake of fiber. That’s almost half the fiber intake a person consumes on a daily basis.

Lean Shake 25 is a low sugar option, would I have loved if a zero calorie sugar was used? YES.

Here’s the reason why you’re reading this review…

Is GNC Lean Shake 25 Good For Weight Loss?

“The helping hand when hunger strikes”

  • Hunger satisfying to help you fell fuller, longer
  • Well-balanced with high-quality protein (flag) & fiber 
  • Fortified for a low-carb diet
  • Delicious & healthy addition to your daily meal plan

This protein powder is well-balanced. What comes into question is “high-quality protein.” Most of this protein powder is filler. My standard for high quality protein is 80%.

The scoop is a nice touch in the protein. No more digging in the protein. When you actually use the scoop, you get more than enough of the powder outside the shaker.

Have you tried using GNC Total Lean Shake 25 for weight loss? Share your experiences and results in the comments below!

Macro Composition: 6. Does this protein do as advertised, is it a “hunger-satisfying, high-protein meal replacement?” Yes. However, majority of this protein is FILLER.

I expect to see at least I would want to see 70% protein per serving. That’s the smallest amount for a high-quality concentrate.

As a meal replacement, it does the job. I wouldn’t recommend Lean Shake 25 post workout.

Does GNC Lean Shake 25 Taste Good?

My rule is if you see a picture, you better be able to taste the picture.

I’ve had my share of Girl Scout Thin Mints. I’d like to think I’m an authority when it comes to eating cookies.

When you shake it with water, you still get the flavor (AND TEXTURE) of a cookie. It’s okay. You’re drinking minty water with cookie crumbs.

What makes this protein shine is when you mix it with milk. Skim milk, 2%, or my favorite whole milk. You’ll be happy if you mix this protein powder with milk.

GNC Lean Shake 25 Flavors

French VanillaBananaChocolate Peanut ButterMixed Berry
Rich ChocolateS’moresGirl Scout Thin MintsGirl Scout Coconut Caramel
Irish CremeGirl Scout Toast-YayPumpkin CheesecakePeppermint Moc
Total Lean Shake 25 flavors

Flavor: 8. If you mix this with water, it’s a solid 7. Using water feels like you’re at the dollar store protein.

But when you use milk as your liquid, you’re drinking a Girl Scout cookie. Mix this protein with milk! When you shake it up with milk, the flavor profile competes with the respected proteins.

Is Lean Shake 25 Good For You?

Total Lean Shake 25, The Good

Lean Shake 25 excels in taste and hunger satisfaction. However, compared to BSN Syntha-6, known for its muscle-building capabilities, it serves more as a meal replacement than a muscle-enhancing supplement.

Lean Shake 25 main draw is being a meal replacement for weight loss purposes – more for the “shed the holiday weight” crowd than for serious gym enthusiasts.

Lean Shake 25 mixes great.

As shared, the goal of Lean Shake 25 is to help shed the holiday weight. Majority of people using Lean Shake 25 are most likely not fitness enthusiasts. Lean Shake 25 provides a good flavor profile.

Lean Shake 25, The Bad

The presence of fillers and the questionable protein quality, especially the undisclosed L-Carnitine, really takes away from its overall value. It seems more like a marketing ploy rather than a substantial nutritional supplement.

If you’re aiming for serious muscle gains or a high-quality post-workout shake, GNC Lean Shake 25 might not be your best bet. It might help in weight management, but there are probably better, more transparent options out there for muscle support and recovery.

Seeking clarity, I requested GNC’s amino acid profile. Surprisingly, GNC revealed the presence of L-Carnitine – an unlisted ingredient, raising questions about transparency and protein quality.

[We are] reviewing and updating formulas to bring you the most up-to-date advancements in the industry…Taking this into consideration, we want to confirm there is only one amino acid present…L-Carnitine

GNC Rep sharing L-Carnitine is an unlisted amino acid

This is the reason why amino profiles are important, knowing what’s in your protein. If L-Carnitine is not listed on the ingredient list.

After six trials, my verdict on Lean Shake 25 is mixed. Its efficacy as a meal replacement is overshadowed by concerns over protein quality and ingredient transparency..

Are there other meal replacement shakes or fitness products you’re curious about? Drop your suggestions in the comments, and they might be featured in our future reviews!

Lean Shake 25 Alternative

Unbiased protein review of BSN Syntha 6

BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder: A Nutritious Blend for Fitness Enthusiasts


BSN Syntha-6 stands out for its delicious flavor and comprehensive protein blend, including whey concentrate and casein.

Ideal for sustained muscle nourishment, it’s more than just a workout supplement. However, the calorie count and potential amino spiking are drawbacks for those with specific dietary requirements.

This blend is perfect for muscle maintenance and meal replacement, setting it apart from many competitors.

  • Exceptional taste, arguably the best in the market.
  • Versatile use: effective as a meal replacement or post-workout.
  • Contains 6g of fiber, aiding in digestion.
  • Possible amino spiking with glutamine, affecting protein quality.
Buy Now

Lean Shake 25 and Syntha 6 Nutrition Comparison

Lean Shake 25 Nutrition FactsBSN Syntha 6 Nutrition Facts
Serving size: ONE HEAPING SCOOP (53g)
Calories 190
Total Fat: 2.5g
Sodium: 200mg
Total Carbohydrates: 15g 
Dietary Fiber: 7g
Soluble fiber: 3g
Total Sugar: 2g
Protein: 25g
Serving size: 47g (About 1 Sccop)
Calories: 190
Total Fat 5
Sodium 180mg
Total Carbohydrate 15g
Dietary Fiber 6g
Total Sugars 4g
Protein 22g
Comparing Lean Shake 25 to Syntha 6

Lean Shake appears to have the better nutrition profile when compared to Syntha 6.

  • Higher protein content
  • 1 gram more of fiber
  • Lower sugar content

Comparing Protein Sources

Syntha 6 has a better protein source profile

Lean Shake 25 Protein SourcesBSN Syntha 6 Protein Sources
Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein IsolateWhey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate
Syntha 6 has more muscle building protein sources

Both protein powder do not offer an amino acid profile. Even though the lack of transparency hurts both brands. Syntha 6 didn’t provide conflicting information about their protein profile.

Furthermore, I did not experience any GI issues drinking Syntha 6.

The main reason why I did not finish Total Lean Shake 25 was due to the amount of GI issues experienced.

Best Vanilla Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Even though Lean Shake 25 offers more fiber per serving. You have to look at strictly what is known.

  • No GI issues when drinking Syntha 6
  • More flavor choices with Syntha 6
  • Clean mix everytime with Syntha 6
  • Robust protein sources with Syntha 6
  • Fewer ingredients with Syntha 6

Even though both companies did not provide an amino acid profile. Syntha 6 is the superior protein when compared to Total Lean Shake 25.

Other Protein Powder for Weight Loss
PR Breaker Hitpoint Ultra

If you want a great alternative that isn’t going to skimp on the protein with broken amino fragments. You want Hitpoint Ultra. Lower calories than Muscle Milk. Offered in 2 delicious flavors. Sometimes you can buy closed dated products at a discounted price. Visit PRBreaker.com to purchase (non-affiliate link).

Muscle Milk

Scored 84%. A two-blend protein of whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate. You’re getting the best of both worlds. However, at 280 calories per serving, that’s hefty. Muscle Milk is best for building muscle instead of a weight loss shake. Purchase Genuine Muscle Milk.

Total Lean Shake 25 Review Scoure Round Up

Value 5 out of 10
Protein Spiking 1 out of 10 (spiked)
Mixability 9 out of 10
Ingredient Profile 5 out of 10
Macro Composition 6 out of 10
Flavor 8 out of 10

Overall Score 34/60, 56%, Dog Poop


Sahlin, K. (2011). Boosting fat burning with carnitine: an old friend comes out from the shadow. The Journal of Physiology, 589(7), 1509–1510. https://doi.org/10.1113/jphysiol.2011.205815


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