Check out my unbiased Clean Simple Eats protein powder review.

Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder: In-Depth Review and Analysis

Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder Review

This month, I’m doing Clean Simple Eats Protein powder review. This one is a client request. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a protein, contact me and I’ll give you my unbiased review.

My posts usually contain affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

📖 Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder Review Details

I wasn’t aware of the Clean Simple Eats brand (@Cleansimpleeats). I looked at their social media handles, #cleansimpleeats. Here is more info and background about the Clean Simple Eats.

The big draw for me (and my client) was the Clean Simple Eats protein powder. When looking at their protein powder, I get hungry! My rule of thumb: if you got a brownie batter picture on the bag, it better taste like brownie batter. CSE has a wide variety of protein powders.

Some interesting things to note about Clean Simple Eats protein powders

  • 100% Grass Fed Whey (“we source our protein from the volcanic hills of New Zealand”)
  • Cold processed from start to finish (staple of all their protein shakes)
  • Naturally sweeteend and made with Xylitol (Keto friendly)
  • Digestive enzymes (not lactose free. I guess a 90-94% protein isolate grade)
  • No artificial sweeteners (no sucralose), colors, and flavors

If you’re interested in other health and wellness supplements. Clean simple eats offers products and services.

  • Macro-friendly meal plans and recipes
  • Super greens
  • High protein Peanut Butters
  • Seaonal supplements
  • Collagen

Many of their products are rated very highly based off of flavored options. 

With that stated, let’s get into the Clean Simple Eats protein review. A CSE Brownie Batter Protein Powder and CSE Coconut Cream Protein Powder review.

💰 Where to Buy Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder?

There are two sizing options for protein powders. You can either purchase a 30 serving BAG or you can purchase 10 serving STICKS. Me being value driven, as always, I went with the bag. I purchased 1 bag of Clean Simple Eats Coconut Cream and 1 bag of Clean Simple Eats Brownie Batter.

Normal Price

  • $59.99, 30 servings, $1.99 per serving

Clean Simple Eats does offer some discount and payment options…

  • 10% off when you buy 2+ bags
  • Additional 10% off when you provide an email (marketing & sales)
  • Subscribe and save discount of 10%
  • 4 interest-free payments

Well, that’s a potential of 30% savings with your first purchase. That’s about $42 per bag on your first order if you meet all the criteria.

What did I pay?

  • $53.99, 30 servings, $1.80 per serving

Value: 5. I’ve reviewed other proteins that offer protein powder from grass fed cows from New Zealand. When you start doing serious research, some protein powder fall short of expectations. I’ll discuss more in the protein spiking section. If you’re willing to pay for a great tasting protein (CSE is damn good), it’s still hard to justify a buy.

🤯 Is CSE Amino Spiked?

Reading the ingredient list, nothing out of the ordinary for amino acids. There are no recovery blends in the supplement facts. There is no amino acid table. Shining a light inside the bag, there wasn’t any reflective nitrogen components added.

I then contacted the CSE for an amino acid table. They were happy to share a table.

Clean Simple Eats Amino Acid Profile
Canadian Protein, New Zealand Concentrate Amino Acid Profile
Canadian Protein, New Zealand Isolate Amino Acid Profile
CSE statement, sourced protein from New Zealand.

Protein Spiking: 10 (it’s not spiked). “[W]e source our protein from the volcanic hills of New Zealand” is a true statement. Is it the highest quality whey from New Zealand? Comparing amino acid profiles to other similar proteins, CSE falls short. I’ll explain more in Macro Composition.

🤝 Best Way to Shake Shake Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder

Clean Simple Eats method to shake the protein powder.
How many people actually use a blender to make their protein shake?

I need to get between 25-40g of protein per meal. The 20g threshold (1 scoop) isn’t enough for me.

I’m pleased to say that when I used 2 scoops, it mixes great with water. And mixes great with milk (skim, 2%, or whole).

My only gripe? You still get small particles in the shake. I’m not sure if that a sweetener or a fiber component.

Mixability: 8.5. Mix with water or whatever liquid you pick. I’ve been doubling the servings, but I keep the same amount of liquid.

🧪 Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder Ingredients

Clean Simple Eats ingredients list
Clean Simple Eats offers no artificial sweeteners or ingredients.

CSE stood by their mission statement, no artificial colors or flavors. There is a total of 12 ingredients in this product. That’s not including the digestive enzyme blend.

Ingredient Profile 8.5. 12 ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors.

✅ Clean Simple Eats Review, Nutrition Facts

Picture of Clean Simple Eats Nutrition Facts
Clean Simple Eats is advertised as a grass fed protein. Charging a premium.

Serving size 34g (1 Scoop)

  • Calories 110
  • Total Fat 0g
  • Sodium 230 mg
  • Total Carb 8g
  • Dietary Fiber 1g
  • Total Sugars 1g
  • Sugar Alcohol 5g (Xylitol, Keto friendly)
  • 20 grams of protein per serving

20g of protein per serving/34g of total product = 59% of the product is protein.

The amount of sodium in this product is surprising. Did you know that 1 cup of trail mix has almost the same amount of sodium as 1 scoop of this protein?

If it’s on the package, need to look into those statements

  • Supports fat loss
  • Curbs cravings
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Highly digestible
  • Reduces hunger
  • Absorbs quickly

All those statements are a resounding backed by science, yes. However, the protein quality sourced from New Zealand is very questionable.

What Quality of Grass Fed Protein is Used in Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder?

Since CSE has 20g of protein, 2.2g should be leucine. Grass fed New Zealand cows tend to have a higher amount of leucine per serving. Compared to Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard, leucine content of CSE is less. Shouldn’t New Zealand grass fed cows have a higher leucine content per serving?

This article provides a simple guideline on how much naturally occurring BCAAs should be in a grass fed protein powder.

We know that CSE has these total of naturally occurring BCAAs per 100g of protein

  • Leucine 8g
  • Isoleucine 5g
  • Valine 4.67g

Total 17.67g.

Taking that total amount of BCAAs and divide it by 4. Why 4? We know the amino acid profile of any 25g of protein. 25g of protein should at least 2.75g of Leucine. CSE has the following naturally occurring BCAAs per 25g of protein.

  • Leucine 2.0g
  • Isoleucine 1.25g
  • Valine 1.17g

Total naturally occurring BCAAs per 25g of protein is 4.42g. What does that mean?

Referencing the same article

5.9 grams of BCAAs per 25 grams of protein

Predominantly Grass fed, If the environment allows, the potential exists for higher concentrations of BCAAs up to 5.9 grams. We can think about Northern California similarly to how we think about wine vintages and all the impacting factors. CA, although weather dependent, has the potential to reach greater BCAA levels. Wisconsin and countries like New Zealand also have some family farms that produce very high-quality small-batch milk.

Clean Simple Eats is a grass fed protein. Clean Simple Eats protein is not the highest quality of grass fed protein. CSE protein does not meet the threshold of a predominant grass fed cows.

🍨 Is Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder Lactose Free?

This protein powder can not be labeled as “lactose free” due to the grade of isolate used. My only issues were bloating and gas. That is because I’m lactose intolerant. Also, sugar alcohol is a listed ingredient.

Digestive enyzmes are used with CSE. Very transparent in how much is used: Lipase, cellulase, protease, and amylase. What will these digestive enzymes do for you?

  • Protease: Breaks down protein
  • Lipase: aids in fat digestion
  • Amylase: targets sugar carbs
  • Cellulase: helps digest fiber

If you read the label, VitaFiber is used in CSE Grass fed protein. VitaFiber is a plant based fiber. Cellulase helps aid in the digestion. VitFiber is used as a natural sweetener. This could also be part of bloating issues.

Why offer digestive enzymes and lactase is not listed?

If you’re a women looking for a protein that won’t cause any digestion issues, I have a list of alternative protein powders.

Clean simple eats does not advertise their protein as gluten free.

Review of Clean Simple Eats: Weight Loss or Post Workout?

“AMAZING BENEFITS: CSE Protein Powder is made with all-natural ingredients, 20g of protein, and a digestive enzyme blend to help your body turn all that fuel into usable amino acids and help curb cravings and reduce hunger?

PROMOTE MUSCLE GROWTH: Improve your overall health and build and maintain muscle mass in just one protein-packed serving.”

Clean Simple Eats

Both of the above statements are blanket statements. Clean Simple Eats is trying to capture two markets with one protein powder. Weight loss and post workout. The ingredient profile suggests CSE protein powder can do both. In reality, the isolate can only do only one really great.

Will CSE Protein Curb Cravings?

Isolate is known as a fast digeting protein. That said, isolate is going to be best used as a post workout or anytime shake. You’re going to be hungry within 1 hour.

Fiber is in this whey protein isolate. As shared, that fiber is used as a natural sweetener. If you want an effective meal replacement shake (MRE), I’ll have a recommendation below. This protein isolate will curb your hunger short term.

Will Clean Simple Eats Isolate Support Fat Loss?

Any diet that forces you to be in a caloie deficit will help with weight loss. I even wrote a Modified Velocity Diet 2.0 using protein supplements and fish oils. Clean Simple Eats may help you lose weight and healthier lifestyle if you focus on these basics

  • Calorie deficit
  • Drink half your body weight in fluid ounces
  • Sleep

Exercise isn’t mandatory to lose weight. Exercise is used to offset those comfort food choices and to accelerate results.

Can CSE protein be part of a weight loss routine and healthy lifestyle? Yes. Any high-quality protein powder can be used. I would focus on whole foods first, then protein powders to meet your daily goals.

Best Time to Use Clean Simple Eats Isolate

Use Clean Simple Eats as a post workout or anytime protein powder. If you’re an active women, one scoop of 20 grams of protein should be enough to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Maybe. Men, you’re going to want to double your servings.

FAIR WARNING: Sugar alcohol is known as a laxative. Doubling your fun means your doubling your chance with the Porcelain God.

Macro Composition: 5. 40% of this product is filler. A total of 6g (sugar and sugar alcohol) is dedicated to the flavor profile of this product. Only 60% of the product is protein. Makes you wonder if CSE can do MORE to make this a cleaner protein. When compared to other proteins sourced from NZ (Canadian Protein’s Isolate or Concentrate), you’re left feeling disappointed. Stanard nutrients you would expect from a shake.

😋 What is Clean Simple Eats Best Tasting Flavor?

Picture of Clean Simple Eats triple chocolate brownie milkshake recipe
Clean Simple Eats offers no shortage in recipes that will help you reach your daily protein goals.

CSE has a wide line of flavors. When I contacted the company, I asked what were the most popular flavors. Chocolate brownie batter and vanilla were the most popular flavors. Well, I got coconut cream pie and brownie batter.

I’m a stickler about pictures and flavors. If you got chocolate brownies and coconut cream pie on the face of your product, it better taste like it! 

What you see, what you get. Hands down, you will be happy with whatever protein flavor you purchase. None of the flavors were not chalky nor chunky. I love the taste.

If you’re somone who wants to try it, before you buy it. Buy the Clean Simple Eats protein powder samples. Getting the Clean Simple Eats protein variety pack is a great option before comitting to a big purchase.

Protein Flavors Offered by Clean Simple Eats

An extensive 18 flavors can be purchased at Clean Simple Eats. That’s on par with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. I’m surprised that unflavored isn’t an opition. Seasonal flavor options are available. Of course, CSE has standard protein flavors are available year-round.

Simply VanillaBrownie BatterKeylimeDonutMint Chocolate Cookie
Banana FosterSnickerdoodleStrawberry CheesecakeCookies ‘N CreamS’mores
Cotton CandyEggnogCake BatterPeaches & CreamCoconut Cream
Chocolate Peanut ButterCaramel ToffeeGerman Chocolate
It’s like Baskin Robins… Just with Clean Simple Eats 18 flavors.

The most popular flavors are as followed: Vanilla, Brownie Batter, Mint Cookie, Coconut Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Caramel Toffee. All of those flavors received at least 217 reader interactions. Less popular flavors recieved very positive reviews too.

The number one critical complaint received on any of the flavors on Amazon Reviews: Xylitol. I am not the only person who had issues digesting this protein. This is a small contentigent of people were critical of the ingredient list.

Flavor 9. Chocolate brownie batter tastes just like the picture. A resounding 10. Coconut cream pie is good, 8. Mileage will vary on the flavor and your likes. I took the average of both scores. I’d imagine all the flavor profiles will be around a 9.

🎬 Is Clean Simple Eats Worth Your Money?

We source our protein from the volcanic hills of New Zealand”

Major emphasis on source. This is the reason why you request amino acid profiles.

I’m sure that CSE is getting their protein powder from New Zealand. Is it the highest quality “100% Grass fed Whey?” No. When comparing CSE amino acid profile to the “Gold Standard,” (or other powders on the market) you feel cheated. You’re over paying for this product.

This protein tastes great. Chocolate brownie batter is a 10. Coconut cream pie is a solid 8. Great mixing profile. Digestive enzymes were a nice thought. Why not aid lactase to the digestive enyzme profile? Finally, a minimal ingredient profile, keeping it clean and simple.

The price of admission to flavor town makes this protein a tough recommendation. This is what I’ve found out with these branded protein supplements…

You pay too much for a product that tastes great. You can get more with a national (and local), respected brands.

However, if you’re looking for a community. Clean Simple Eats might be the brand you want. Pictures of “before and afters” and pictures of…

  • “day with a high protein”
  • “Starting my day with…”
  • “My high protein meal…”
  • “These are the 6 meals accountability post”

Alternatives to Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder

Don’t want to overpay for a grass-fed whey? Maybe you don’t want to have an digestive issues drinking your post workout shake? Or you want my recomendation for a solid meal replacement shake. I got you covered with my pocket protein reviews.

Pure Choice Farms Isolate

The best protein you can buy. If you’re looking for the cleanest protein powder with the fewest ingredients possible. Pure Choice Farms isolate is the best. Oh, it’s also virtually lactose free. I also fogot; Pure Choice Farms is a local small business with dairy farmer ties. A New Zealand style protein that is better than Clean Simple Eats. Multiple price points when buying direct at Pure Choice Farms.

ON Gold Standard Whey

Gold Standard has the same amino acid profile of CSE isolate. I experience minimal to no digestive issues. 18 great flavors. Those flavors are not as good as CSE. Even on a budget, ON Gold Standard is the best blended protein you can buy.

BSN Syntha-6 Protein

Not the best protein on this list. I flagged Syntha-6 for a misleading label. It’s on this list because it’s the best tasting protein you can buy. If you’re trying to lose weight, the amount of fiber exceeds Clean Simple Eats. When on a cut, I always go back to Syntha-6.

PR Breaker Hitpoint Ultra

I love Hitpoint Ultra! The slow digesting milk protein isolate makes Hitpoint a great alternatative to Syntha-6. With only 2 options for flavors, they are both DAMN GOOD! You still might experience some level of digestive issues. Hitpoint Ultra is a highly filtered casein. Non-affiliate link to buy a couple of containers.

Alani Nu Protein

Best way to describe Alani Nu protein: protein for women. No digestive issues experience. Robust digestive enzymes in this protein powder. Great tasting protein powder. My issues with Alani Nu protein: no amino acid profile.

🎼 Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder Review Round Up

Value 5 out of 10
Protein Spiking 10 out of 10 (not spiked)
Mixability 8.5 out of 10
Ingredient Profile 8.5 out of 10
Macro Composition 5 out of 10 (Not the highest quality New Zealand grass fed whey)
Flavor 9 out of 10

Clean Simple Eats Final Review Score 46/60, 77% Average


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