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Don’t Buy Insane Labz Insane Whey Protein Powder, A Detailed Review

Unbiased Review of Insane Labz Insane Whey

Here is the only reason why I’m doing a Insane Labz Insane Whey unbiased protein review. It was an Amazon Lightning Deal, priced at $49.99. Is Insane Labz Insane Whey worth your money? The Miami Herald believes that Insane Whey “is the best supplement choice in 2023.” *shaking my head in disgust*

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📖 Insane Labz Insane Whey Details

As I shared at the start, I purchase Insane Whey because Amazon was offering a Lightning Deal on the protein powder. 5lb container at $50, THAT’S A GREAT DEAL. However, I’ve never read or heard anything about Insane Labz. The old motto, shoot first, questions later.

Who is Insane Labz?

In your first visit to the site, you are bombarded to a high class Temu layout. Products to buy. Then articles at the bottom. As you guessed, Insane Labz has everything for supplements to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

  • Pre workouts
  • Fat Burners
  • Golf performance aids
  • Diuretics
  • Various protein powders ranging from plant, blended, and isolates

This is how I would describe Insane Labz. They are catering to the hardcore crowd. However, it’s like walking into the Dollar Store version of Animal Supplements.

I have my reservations on Insane Labz. Here’s why… They may not have a YouTube celebrity fitness person advertising and standing by their products. Insane Labz does cross merch with comics and B-tier movies. Insane Labz are always looking for Brand Ambassadors, to increase their brand awareness. 

I’ll be optimistic. But I’ll let my review do the talking.

💰 Best Place to Buy Insane Labz Protein Powder

Amazon Lightning Deals, $49.99, 60 servings, $.83 per serving
Amazon normal priced, $64.99, 60 servings, $1.08 per serving
InsaneLabz.com, $64.95 (S&H $6.99), 60 servings, $1.20 per serving

There are other places you can purchase Insane Whey Protein: Nutrastop.com ($54.95 sale) and BestPriceNutrition.com ($54.95 sale). However, those companies realize this protein powder isn’t moving. Priced to sell. 

😌 Does Insane Labz Have a Money-Back Guarantee 

Insane Labz', Mad Chemist guarantee found on Amazon.
Why have a guarantee about how the product is made, Insane Whey? Why not a product guarantee?

I’m confused by Insane Labz Mad Chemist Guarantee. What does that mean? 

Does it mean if the product doesn’t live up to your standard, Insane Labz will give you a refund? Or does it mean that Insane Labz guarantees that the product is made in a factory meeting and exceeding government good manufacturing practices?

I decided to contact an Amazon rep to elaborate…

Picture of Amazon chat
Even the Amazon rep isn’t sure how to handle the question.
Amazon will refund an unopened product within 30 days
Amazon will refund an unopened product within 30 days

Amazon is willing to guarantee a product that is not opened and is returnable before 30-days. 

Insane Labz does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Value: 1 out of 10. Value is a total encompassing score. If Insane Labz was a reputable brand with integrity, and honesty. The score would be a 5.

🤯 Is Insane Labz Insane Whey Amino Spiked?

I’m not aware of Insane Whey, nor do I see much advertising about the product. Seeing an amino acid profile was a great start. Look at the profile, something wasn’t right for a blended protein. Look at the top of the AA profile, it states “naturally occuring BCAA amino.” Then you examine the BCAA amino profile.

  • 3283 mg of Leucine

Average amount of protein powder has 10% to 11% Leucine. Insane Whey has 13% Leucine. 

That’s an extreme amount of Leucine for a blended protein. That’s not even advertising as a grass fed whey protein. When compared to a New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate by Canadian Protein

  • 3400 mg of Leucine

Now let’s compare Insane Whey to three nationally recognized blended protein powders.

I’ve arranged the 3 proteins above were reviewed and scored by me. To make it easy, I’ve arranged the protein review by: best, good, okay.

When examining Insane Whey to nationally recognized blended protein brands, the amino acid profile for Insane Whey is 1.2 time greater. Don’t even start when I contacted the “Mad Scientist” at Insane Labz wondering why the amino acid profile is above average…

Picture of email contacting Insane Labz, wondering how Insane Whey has a high amino acid profile.
The reason for the high amino acid profile at Insane Labz, “Proprietary filtration process.”

Even when comparing to Insane Labz other protein powders, Insane Whey has the highest amino acid profile. To me, that doesn’t seem right.

Amino Spiking: 1 out of 10 (Poor customer service, MISLEADING amino acid label). When a customer service rep shares, Insane Labz uses a proprietary filtration method. GET OUT! 

🤝 What’s the Best Way to Mix Insane Labz Protein

Insane Labz advertises on their website and on the Amazon purchase page, no clumps guarantee. Does it hold up?


Protein Shake Mix: 10 out of 10. No questions on that guarantee. I’m still confused on the Mad Chemist guarantee.

🧪 Insane Labz Insane Whey Protein Ingredients

9 ingredients listed for Insane Whey. That’s great. I will give props. Insane Labz listed whey protein concentrate as the first protein, then isolate. 

However, all good graces are out the door with this protein powder. If the label is misleading, what else is going to be misleading about the ingredients list? What else is Insane Labz not sharing with the ingredients list?

Seeing a warning label on a protein powder. Stating “Do not take in excess of its recommended dosage.” Reading the Insane Labz warning, you see “…if you experience rapid heart beat, dizziness, severe headaches or shortness of breath.” I must be insane to drink Insane Whey…

I think it's insane, that Insane Whey has a consumer warning.
I’ve never read an extensive warning like this Insane Labz.

Ingredient List: 6 out of 10. I’ve seen warning labels on supplements. I’ve never seen a warning label like the one Insane Labz is listed on their Insane Whey. I’m not sure if I want to drink this protein throughout the day. Nowhere on the label do you see a recommended daily dosage. You do see “spread protein usage throughout the day.” The directions state, “mix 1 level scoop.”

✅ Insane Labz Insane Whey Nutrition Facts

1 Scoop is 34 grams
Calories 130

  • Total Fat 2g
  • Total Carbohydrate 3.1g
    • Sugars 1.3g
  • Protein 25g
  • Sodium 53mg
Insane Labz protein nutrition facts are great!

🍗 How Much Protein Does Insane Protein Have Per Serving?

Dose of 25g Protein per serving / 34g = 74% protein per serving 

🍨 Is Insane Labz Protein Gluten and Lactose Free

Insane Whey protein does not have the gluten free label. The first protein listed in the ingredients list is whey protein concentrate. Insane Whey is not lactose free.

I experienced normal symptoms of lactose with Insane Whey. Excessive bloating, stuffed stomach, gas mask syndrome.

Picture of Insane Labz Insane Whey Scoop size
The Scoop on Insane Whey Protein is smaller than the scoop

⚖️ What’s the Scoop Size for Insane Labz Protein

Scoop size is smaller than the suggested serving. Mabye that’s on purpose due to the warning…

🏋️‍♂️ When’s the Best Time to take Insane Labz Whey Protein?

The best time to take Insane Whey is going to be post-workout. Anytime shake… I’m hesitant because of the warning. I usually take to scoops. Well… 2 scoops is over the recommended dosage.If you’re an athlete ,someone for those lean muscle gains, or looking for a fast recovery time, I’d take a different protein powder. With that warning label, I’m hesitant use as a meal replacement.

Nutrition Facts: 6 out of 10. It’s nice to see a protein powder with a small amount of sodium. Insane Whey having 75% protein per serving is good enough for a 7.5 score. Then again, misleading amino acid label. Add to the disgusting taste.

😋 Does Insane Whey Taste Good?

I have a 5lb container of Birthday Cake. After one shake, 60 servings is an eternity. You get the hit of a birthday cake. Then a wash of off-putting, aggressive pharmaceutical flavors decides to set up shop in your mouth. Overly sweet, not appetizing. 

There are a total of 6 flavors

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberries and Cream
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate
  • Birthday Cake

What’s the Best Tasting Insane Protein Flavor?

Looking over Amazon customer reviews. Majority of customer reviewe agree that Birthday Cake is the worst. Coming a close second is Strawberries & Cream. Closing the podium for 3rd in the Insane Whey Worst Tasting Protein Powder Olympics is Chocolate Peanut Butter. That’s half your flavors.

Still looking at the product reviews, not many individuals purchased Cookies & Cream. And some people are Dancing with the Stars with Chocolate and Vanilla. Many are left scrapping their tongue drinking chocolate… Winner is vanilla. Vanilla is the best tasting flavor offered by Insane Labz.

Insane Whey’s Birthda Cake flavor is very unique.

Flavor: 5 out of 10. Stay away from Birthday Cake. Stay away from the special flavors that Insane Labz is offering for Insane Whey. You’re left wondering, “Do I really want to try Insane Whey Chocolate or Vanilla?” The answer is a resounding, NO!

🎬 Is Insane Labz Insane Whey Worth Your Money?

No. No. And No.

You paid a premium for a 5lb container of protein. It better taste great. Making a post workout shake, it better mix fantastic. And it should NOT make you second guess if you’re getting a quality product.  Insane Labz nailed it with their no clump guarantee. That’s the only positive I have to share.

A misleading AA profile. Customer service rep sharing that Insane Whey has a “proprietary gentle filtration system” to provide Insane Whey with a ridiculous high amino acid profile. GET OUT!

When compared to other nationally recognized blended protein powders, something doesn’t look right with Insane Whey’s AA table. Something doesn’t look right with Insane Labz…

The flavor of Insane Whey birthday cake flavor is on the cusp of putrid to wondering, “Am I going insane, drinking Insane Whey’s birthday cake protein powder?”

Avoid the following flavors that Insane Labz Insane Whey offers… ALL OF THEM. Majority of users have shared that Strawberries & Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter are overly sweet and off-putting. Vanilla looks to be a sure dumpster-fire.

The price point set for a 5lb container of Insane Whey protein screams value. But when you start digging deep, sniffing, and tasting Insane Labz protein… There is a reason why Insane Labz isn’t gaining any national attention. 

Miami Herald, I enjoyed your misleading puff-piece article. Stating that Insane Whey is the best supplement of 2023. In my professional opinion, Insane Whey is by far THE worst, and will be the WORST, protein I’ve reviewed in 2023.

I don’t dunk on protein powders. But this one is a dumpster. DNF: Did. Not. Finish!

💥 Protein Powders Better than Insane Labz Insane Whey

If you’re researching protein powders that are similar to Insane Whey, this is where you need to be. Here are my recommendations and posted reviews of protein powders I’ve tried and purchased.

ON Whey Protein Powder, Gold Standard

$10 more, you get the best blended protein powder in the market. You also get a wide variety of flavors. All the flavors you’ll be okay with drinking. Some flavors, you’ll be smiling. ON Gold Standard Whey (92%) is a nationally recognized brand for their quality. It has a gold medal for a reason. Purchase direct from my Amazon affiliate link.

Nutricost Isolate

Bar none, Nutricost (90%) is an eye-for-eye comparable protein powder to Insane Labz. The flavor profile is going to be better than Insane Whey. My knock on Nutricost is the gas mask effect for you and your loved ones. Nutricost is the same price as Insane Whey. Plus, Nutricost is a higher quality protein powder. Amazon affiliate link to purchase

Animal Whey Isolate

I gave Animal Whey Isolate an 80%. Animal Whey is a superior-blended protein powder compared to Insane Whey. The flavor profile is worth a 5lb container. Plus, it’s about the same price as Insane Labz blended protein formula. Purchase direct from Amazon.

My Protein, The Whey

My Protein’s, The Whey, is my next unbiased protein powder review. However, I have my concerns with this protein and any of My Protein powders… It’s priced similarly to Insane Whey. I’m 100% positive it will taste better than any flavor profile offered by Insane Labz. Purchase direct from Amazon.

My Protein's, The Whey, is a blended protein competing against ON Gold Standard.
Read the next unbiased review on My Protein’s, The Whey

🎼 Insane Labz Final Review Score

Price 4 out of 10
Amino Spiking 1 out of 10 (CSR lied, misleading amino acid profile)
Protein Shake Mix 10 out of 10
Protein Ingredients 6 out of 10
Nutrition Facts 6 out of 10
Flavor 5 out of 10

Final Score: 32 out of 60, 53%, Don’t Buy


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